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We help businesses find the right city location faster and cheaper

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With CitiQuants For Enterprises you can


Easily Benchmark the Right Locations

Search, Select, Price and generate talent and location operational cost forecasts in seconds.


Customize and Publish your required data

Customize complete talent and operational cost, publish or save it for anytime access in the CitiQuants cloud.


Leverage Advance Analytics & Tools

Easily manage your existing locations and new target cities talent and costs with analytics, APIs and visual tools.


Quickly Benchmark the Right Locations

We took the headache and stress out of searching for data on city locations.

Enterprises can easily search for talent and cost data on any tech-city. Executives can effortless generate operational cost forecasts for locations in seconds. You also get access to a dedicated team member to help with any problems in using the data.


Customize and Publish the data you Need

Our platform eliminates the hassle you've experienced in customizing city-location data. With simple clicks you can instantly customize population, talent pools, labor cost, cost-of-living, quality-of-life and other location data. You can publish or save your selected data, on CitiQuants cloud, for access anytime and from anywhere.


Achieve Your Business Objectives Faster

Enterprises get to use our eKlekos engine to speed-up the site selection process.

Its analytic, visualization and benchmarking capabilities allow you to quickly generate your shortlist and eliminate multiple rounds of screening. Executives are able to focus rapidly on such matters as request for incentives, and the development of competitive negotiating positions.

You can also effortlessly produce operational cost forecasts for alternative locations to better managed existing portfolios.


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